Inline video play
with audio & hls support

Your mobile chat

Dizler is the fastest and smoothest way to enjoy full HD video playing inline on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Our unique favouriting algorithem keeps all your favourite sites at your fingertips and you enjoy them in both Mobile and Desktop mode.

For Developers, Dizler will shortly be offering a powerful tool-kit to take full advantage of Dizler’s features.

Inline live &
streaming video play

InLine Video playback makes DIZLER ideal for all services and platforms leveraging live and on demand “presence“; eg. Live Tech, Support.

Hls support &
full hd playback

Dizler supports HTTP LIVE STREAMING out of the box; in addition full HD and AAC support ensures your content fully retains its powers of communcation and evocation; gets your message across crystal clear.

Desktop &
mobile mode

Detect and Load Content, URLs, Pages, Forms, Features and Functions tailormade to the viewing experience; use these Stats to upgrade & maintain your site.

Full screen

One Click Full Screen browsing does away with the Menu & Address bar letting you enjoy your favourite Games, Music Videos with total focus!

Your favorites
at your fingertips

Dizler keeps you abreast of updates with the content that matters most to you right on the browser's start page.

Integrated google

Search the entire Internet right from Dizlers Home Screen.

100% Privacy
history is turned off
by default

Dizler values your privacy; Browsing History, Passwords, none of this is stored by default. Of course you can turn History to ON and Dizler will keep your tracks intact.

Upcoming features

  • View Source and Debug mode
  • Full Developer API (with support for detection & favouriting)
  • Cam access, (2 way Chat support)
  • User Profile & Protected Browsing
  • Child Safety
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Themes Library